5000 Forbes Ave
Porter Hall, B10
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Email: edu.cmu@vishwanathsrv

Hello there! I am a postdoctoral researcher in the EE department at Rice University. I work with Prof. Richard Baraniuk and Prof. Ashok Veeraraghavan.

I work on ...

... various image acquisition, compressive sensing and computational photography problems with special emphasis on co-design of imaging hardware and algorithms. Specifically, I work on camera design for hyperspectral imaging and related inference techniques. My broad goal is to bring several of the inference algorithms on hyperspectral images to optical domain to increase speed as well as reduce storage requrements.

You can find more about my reserach here

Previous education

I completed my doctoral studies under Prof. Aswin Sankaranarayanan from Carnegie Mellon University. My thesis was on Spectrally-programmable cameras for imaging and inference.

Prior to CMU, I was an undergraduate in the EE department at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I worked with Prof. A N Rajagopalan on several image enhancement algorithms on mobile device. I graduated in 2014 with Honors and a minor in Operations Research.